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Your Business: An Aircraft in Flight.

Let’s examine this analogy…  “A business is susceptible to market forces, much like an aircraft is susceptible to physical forces.  In fact, a business is very much like an aircraft in flight – to ascend it must achieve LIFT by creating THRUST, overcoming DRAG and WEIGHT!

Like an aircraft, a business must obtain LIFT for growth & “altitude.”  “Business Lift” in this sense is likely quality products and services that meet market demand for growth.  While there are several types of growth (steady, exponential, arbitrage, etc.), to produce “effective LIFT” a business must correctly contend and overcome forces such as external or internal barriers, expenses, financial pitfalls, legal perils, competition, and other roadblocks, conflicts, problems (or “business DRAG,” to borrow the aviation equivalent)!

Apart from drag, which can be operationally induced or internally parasitic in nature, businesses must also deal with their own “WEIGHT,” or internal INERTIA.  In this sense ‘business inertia’ can be found in inadequate or stagnant systems or policies, ineffective leadership, and cultural phenomena. Just as an aircraft must overcome its own WEIGHT to stay aloft, so too must a business understand its internal status quo.

A business is empowered to aid its own climb by designing effective and efficient systems (or simply eliminating unnecessary processes) thereby overcoming weight and drag. Other competitors and substitute brands will undoubtedly do the same.  The strategic question is how might we design strategic business advantage relative to the competition?  In order to rocket to success, a business must generate momentum.  To get there, it requires THRUST (it’s value propositions), along with communications and marketing of the impact of its quality deliverables.

And thus, we have the aviation analogy or metaphor upon which SkyLift Innovations was born.

“SkyLift helps businesses overcome their inertia, decrease their institutional, operational and induced drag, supply sufficient and efficient thrust to obtain Skybound LIFT in order to achieve goals that create IMPACT (radically optimized usefulness, per unit time). Creating sufficient Thrust for Lift is one half of the value equation, yet creating Impact through Innovations allows businesses to really soar, glide and maneuver freely!” Keith Gordon, 2017