SkyLift Services

At SkyLift, we offer tailored, strategic designs with an a la carte menu of business consultation offerings. We’ll aid in design solutions from scratch. We live at the intersection of market demand and your business needs and will help you adjust your trajectory to suit.  In turn, we help leaders create achievable impact! We’re qualified co-pilots working to meet your desired criteria and launch trajectory! We are “on-wing” for your success

SkyLift Research

"ReadyRoom": Cultural Surveys and Assessments

  • Business Climate Assessments – do you understand your internal environment?
  • Ethnographic Business Studies – how objective are your observations? Do you use data-driven decision making as a foundation for organizational change?

"Manifest": Stakeholder and Archetype Analyses

  • Archetypes and Customer Strategies – who are the decision makers and the saboteurs? How do you know?
  • Stakeholder Analyses – how do you speak effectively to those that matter?

"Airspace": Market Analyses

  • Market Outlook – what risk does the environment pose?
  • Emerging Market Analyses – what risk is in the future environment?

"Simulator": Scenarion Development & Futuring Research

  • Alternative Futures Development and Testing – how well do you spin scenarios to simulate risk and learn?
  • ‘Art of the Long View’ analyses – do you design smartly for the out years?
  • Trail-marker and Breadcrumb creations – can you see a future trail and pre-mark it?

"Greenie Board" - Benchmark Studies 

  • How do you compare?
  • How do you know?
SkyLift Designs

“Callsign”: Brand, Name, Slogan and Aesthetic Consulting

  • Metaphor development (New and Transitions) – how holistic is your story? may the best metaphor win?!
  • Aesthetic assessments – how well are you creating look, feel, emotion and mood?

“CommPlan”: Strategic Communications & Marketing Design

  • How strong is your brand from your slogan & rhetoric to sales?

“Squadron”: Organization and Org Change Design

  • For People & Culture – do you survey well? can you effectively modify your environment to influence your business culture?
  • For Policy and Processes – do you fully understand the effect of your explicit and implicit 'ways and means' of getting things done?
  • For Physical Spaces – do your spaces inspire? - have you optimized your collaborative spaces?
  • For Systems and Tech – do you have the most effective and efficient support systems?

“PlankOwner”: Design Change Management

  • How well do you “own” or implement change? How do you know?
SkyLift Consulting

“Flight Path”: Strategic Consulting

  • Strategy for Business Development – can you properly configure for best path and max sales?
  • Strategy for Scale – are you properly configured for exponential growth?
  • Strategic Plans and Planning – can you benefit from effective and efficient “preflight” prep?
  • Strategy for Startups – are you suitably configured for launch, scale and repetition? How will you meet 'turbulence' when encountered?

“Sortie”: Business Model Consulting

  • Business Model Creation – is your model highly repeatable, scalable and profitable?
  • Business Model Refinement – are you attentive to your ‘best-path’ course corrections?
  • Design Change Management – how effectively are you implementing change?

“Guide-On” - Team Facilitation

  • For Flat Organizations – Do you use an adequate Participatory Decision Making model? If so, can you find max efficiency? How do you know?
  • For Hierarchical Orgs – Do you use a smart, layered Decision Making model? If so, can you find max effectiveness?  Can you leverage "flatness" where able?
  • For Hybrid Models – do you exploit the seams and benefits from multiple models?
  • For Leadership – how well do you evaluate your inspiration, competency, and empathy? Of your junior leaders?  How do you mentor? How well is it working?  How do you know?

“Nine Line”: National Security Consulting

  • Do you have diversity of thought at the TS level?
  • Artists, designers and independents who can consult at the TS level?
SkyLift Workshops

“BoggSat”: Innovation Series

  • Serious Creativity Workshops – can you effectively employ serious creativity and design workshops to solve wicked problems?
  • Design Workshops – can you maximize group design time to generate exceptional designs?

“Sknkwrx”: Prototype Development

  • Rapid Prototyping Workshops – what first order principles do you employ to achieve rapid innovation criteria?
  • Product Development Workshops – how effective is your front-end design? and discovery to market approach?

“RedCell” - Corporate Wargaming

  • Does your group use tools for collaborative intuition?
  • How effective are your futuring tools for creating corporate insights?

“FlightBrief”: Guest Speaking and Engagements

  • Creativity and Technical Innovation – do you benefit from challenging viewpoints and discourse?
  • Enhancing Creative Team Problem Solving – can you effectively inspire maximum engagement for “maximum team realizations, per unit time”?
  • Creative Workshops for Kids (and their adults) – how do we empower through creativity? How can adults capture insights from our original “unencumbered imaginatives”

“Follies”:  Corporate Off-site and Team Building Events

 “Design cannot rescue failed content.”

-  Edward Tufte

“Content precedes good design.  Design, in the absence of good content, is not design – it is decoration.”

- Jeffery Zeldman